water Day 5: The Forgiving Process

Day 5: The Forgiving Process


E.N.J.O.Y is a simple way to remember the process of forgiving. Embrace your feelings, need Jesus, focus on the outcome and control yourself. When we are filled with pain or anger it is easy for us to act out in these frustrations if we do not know how to manage them. However, if we have a guideline to follow we will be able to overcome our emotions easier. By following these steps of E.N.J.O.Y you will be able to release negativity, gain peace and grow in faith by building your relationship with Christ.


Embrace your feelings. When a bottle is overfilled it is difficult to seal the lid, the same goes for us. If we become angry and do not allow our minds to process our feelings, it will be difficult to move forward with forgiving. Allow yourself time to acknowledge your feelings and understand it is okay to feel how you feel. You are not wrong for being angry, hurt or sadden by a situation. Embracing your feelings is necessary when coping.


We need to remember why it is important to forgive. We forgive because Christ has forgiven us. We forgive because if we don’t than God will not forgive us. We forgive because it is the right thing to do. We forgive to release any negativity bottled inside. We forgive for a peace of mind. We forgive because it makes God happy. When we remember why we need to forgive, it makes it easier for us to forgive. We do not forgive because the person deserves it, we forgive because God says so. Saying reasons why we need to forgive is a vital step in the forgiving process.


Jesus Jesus Jesus! The beauty of having Jesus in our lives is that he is there to help us. We may find it difficult to forgive but all we have to do is come to him. Jesus renews our minds and works in our hearts. If we are having trouble forgiving someone than all we have to do is ask Jesus. He will give us strength, courage, wisdom, humility or anything that we need to help us forgive others. Jesus is here to help us, we just have to seek him. Jesus is the truth, and he will give us the necessary tools for us to move forward in our lives. [exodus 33:13, John 3:16, Ephesians 3:17, 2 Peter 1:3]


Our outcome should always lead to righteousness. If we remember the bigger picture of forgiving than it will help keep us on the right path. We must keep our thoughts focused on The Good, which will make it easier to forgive. If we believe that we are forgiving because God says too, than God will acknowledge our actions. By blessings others, God blesses us. The outcome will always be good, when we follow God’s word.


You have control over yourself. We can not change what others do to us, all we can change is how we react. If we concentrate on being Christ like we can alter our thoughts, emotions and actions to be more like Jesus. Thinking ‘What would Jesus do?’ guides us in our ways and helps us with forgiving. God has given us the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit helps us make wise decisions and do good things. Do not worry about others, just focus on yourself. Allow the Holy Spirit to work within you by giving you the necessary tools to forgive.

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