Day 4


 This is the worse self-defeating thought of them all. Thou shalt not covet is part of God’s ten commandments which confirms how crucial it is in our life. By definition the word covet means yearn to posses or have. This means, when we see something and ‘wish’ we had it or when we feel jealous or envious of someone else. For example, watching a music video or movie and wishing for the money or fame the celebrity has, is a form of coveting. It is clearly stated in the bible that we should not desire or lust after someone or something that does not belong to us because it lacks faith in God’s ability to provide for us. Why wish for something when you can simply pray about it. Ask and you shall receive. The Lord is faithful and keeps His promises, if you remain true to Him by following His commandments than he will remain true to you. God does not want us to covet after our neighbor but instead give glory and honor to His kingdom by being grateful, appreciating and loving others not lusting and desiring.

If we never feel satisfied with what we have than we will never appreciate all God has done.

Counter Thought: Express gratitude. No matter what our life situation is, there will always be something to be grateful for. When we appreciate the things going on in our lives, it reflects gratitude. Be grateful for waking up another day and taking a deep breath, there are people that didn’t get ‘today.’ When we begin to experience the world through the lens of gratitude, God reveals more of himself to you. He will shower you with humility and wisdom which will bring about a new found perspective for life. If there is something you want all you have to do is ask. God wants us to pray for things, as much as he wants to give us what our hearts desire. A close mouth doesn’t get feed, and without prayer faith is impossible.

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