Day 4: Fearless

Fearless [feer-lis]: without fear; bold or brave;intrepid.

This is how God created us. “For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline” [2 Timothy 1:7]. Today is the day to embrace your fearless spirit. We no longer need to walk with our heads down, feel scared of the unknown or afraid to step out of our comfort zones. Instead, we can walk high and proud as an almighty child of God. God did not give us a spirit of fear, so we should never entertain those fearful thoughts and worries because we know they are not coming from God. We are courageous and walk with the strength of Christ, therefore we must apply it to our lives.

The Word Of The Day Plan

Today’s word should resonate within our souls and manifest itself within our actions. Every new situation in our lives should be seen as an opportunity. It is time to get organized and figure out our goals. We must know where we want to be, so that we can walk the right path. By understanding our life purpose we are able to walk fearless, because we know God is strategically working in our lives for his Glorious Kingdom. Discovering your life purpose is beyond a career. We are not defined by our occupation therefore we shouldn’t limit our goals to merely our employment. Our life purpose could be to become the best husband, mother or teacher possibly.

In fact, everyone’s purpose in life is to simply seek God [Jeremiah 29:13]. When we search for God with all of our heart, mind and soul everything else within our lives will be sorted out. We do not need to deal with stress, pain or suffering because Jesus has paid that price for us. Instead, we can live humbly and happily with The Lord, creator of heaven and earth, God of Israel and of heaven’s armies. By making God a priority, he blesses us in return.

Even the devil fears The Lord. There is no one or anything that is more powerful than God himself. So, we should walk this earth fearless, but be a god fearing woman/man. The book of Jeremiah is about God’s wrath. These chapters demonstrate God’s limitless and unstoppable powers. Jeremiah was a prophet from God, this means God spoke directly to him to deliver his message to the people of Judah. Jeremiah’s people had evil hearts, committed adultery, praised others God and even burned there children alive as sacrifices to their false Gods. The Lord gave Jeremiah’s people multiple chances to turn from their evil ways and seek God, but no one did. Ultimately, God sent the Babylonian king to destroy the cities and left the town with war, famine and disease.

By nature, our desires are sinful. It is easier to do what we want than to follow God’s commands. However, this type of thinking is of the flesh. When we think of The Spirit, we want to follow

God's commandments are there for our protection, not to confine us. We ignore them to our own dismay.
God’s commandments are there for our protection, not to confine us. We ignore them to our own dismay.

God’s ways and not our own. The spirit is aware that commandments are not restrictive but they are life giving. God’s commandments keeps us from living in destruction and guides us daily. God wants to keep us safe from all the evil’s of the world, and when we go against him, he can no longer protect us. It is up to us to not only read God’s word, but to apply it to our waking days.

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