Day 3: Perfection

Perfection [per-fek-shuh-n]: the highest degree of proficiency, skill or excellence. A perfect embodiment or example of something.

This is a trait of God. God is perfect. He makes no mistakes and is fair in all his ways. We serve a just and loving God whose ways are holy and pure. He does no wrong and has endless mercy on us. Even when we sin or disobey Him, He gives us another chance and we are forgiven. Jesus died on the cross as a sacrifice for our sins, the blood he shed, paid the price for all generations of the world. We are given the gift of the Holy Spirit and can be filled with Grace daily. God’s word is the truth, and we know this because He is perfect. So, whatever is taking place in our lives currently, is being worked out by God and will always lead to greater good.

Today, keep in mind, the word of the day and how it is associated with God himself. By understanding God’s trait and character, we can establish a relationship with him. We can allow ourselves to open our hearts and minds to believe because we know that he is the definition of perfection. Although, we live in a diverse society with people who hold many different values and morals, with different cultures and ethnicities, one thing that will never change is God. People can follow traditions and rituals, have opinions and codes, but the only one that is right, is God.

'The opportunity to be fair and just is rewarding - but what I especially like is taking the law into my own hands.'
‘The opportunity to be fair and just is rewarding – but what I especially like is taking the law into my own hands.

Take a look at our justice system, we send people to jail for a variety of crimes with sentences of all ranges. I always asked myself, ‘how could a judge being a human sentenced another human,when in fact they are full of sin themselves?’ God laughs at our justice system. Only he can judge the heart. Today, live only to please the perfect God himself. Focus on what is pleasing to The Lord and right by him according to His standards and commandments. Ignore, hush or silence all voices and opinions from others, and allow God to reveal to you what is important and just.

Today’s word holds power and meaning beyond our human understandings. There is no person on this planet that is without sin, therefore no one in the history of the world is or ever will be made perfect. We can’t put our faith into ourselves or people around us due to lack of perfection. Faith is believing in the unknown and unseen, but knowing that it will manifest itself. True faith must be placed in the hands of a perfect power, because it is the only way to securely know it will come true. God keeps his promises. The bible has many stories of God’s promises unfolding in human lives. The story of Abraham, the father of all nations, we can see how God kept his promises from the Old testament to the New testament. God’s words are everlasting. This means whatever He speaks will be the same today as it was yesterday and will be in the future to come.

Today is the day to put all your trust and faith into The Lord and rest easy knowing that He is a perfect God that will provide every need and want in your life. Even when we are going through difficult experiences and hardships, we know that God makes no mistakes. Instead of crying out ‘Why have you forsaken me?’ trust in Gods plan and purpose.

  • Read today’s verses: Psalm 18:30, Deuteronomy 32:4, Proverbs 23:9 

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