Day 2


         This is the Devil’s biggest trick. He uses our thoughts to prolong the inevitable in hopes we never grow in faith. Sometimes, I have these thoughts when I have to go to the gym, complete homework or wash clothes. I always think, “I’ll get it done tomorrow.” The problem with these thoughts are that tomorrow never comes. Satan whispers “What’s the rush?” or “It’s no big deal” to keep us from walking in God’s will. He wants to slow down us down and steer us off course to fall short of God’s grace. But, Satan is no match for The Almighty, which is why God’s word is the only thing that can defeat Satan. God’s words are our protector, guidance and peace. Without God’s word, the devil’s temptations are too strong for us. Our strength is in God’s word.  Be joyful in the blessings coming your way. Victory is in God’s hands!

Free your mind from this self-defeating thought by focusing on what you need to do and not what you want to do.  

Counter thought: Be Eager to achieve goals. Failing to plan is the plan to fail. Replace this self-defeating thought with power and a plan. If you don’t get up and make it happen, who will? Nothing in life comes easy and only the strong survive. Fill your mind with God’s love and His vision for your life and if you don’t know it, ASK HIM! In order for us to overcome procrastination we need motivation. Prayer is a great motivator. God does not want to keep secrets, he wants to share his wisdom with you in abundance. Today, remember “No weapon formed against you shall prosper!” [Isaiah 54:17]

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