pexels photo 1485657 Creating Consistency Completes Callings

Creating Consistency Completes Callings

What are you called to do?

When will change happen?

Why do we exist?

How is life after death?

-Existential thoughts

C.C.C.C is a mindset that helps build discipline while protecting peace and keeping hope. By creating positive and consistent habits on a daily basis it will cause change to help complete your life calling. Routine and constant action will generate change in life to help establish an increased sense of purpose and meaning. Every soul on earth has a Calling. They are given a unique assignment by God, whether they know or not.

Each soul is accountable for uncovering life’s calling and purpose. These existential questions can cause anxiousness, fear, doubt or worry but I encourage you to remember WHO is in control. The Lord wants to bring revelation into your heart, mind and soul. Without consistency, you will never reach your fullest potential. In life, we must embrace each day and practice mindfulness daily to ensure each moment is fully absorbed. Let us create consistency in our daily lives which will ultimately lead to fulfilling life’s calling.

What is one unhealthy habit you would like to change? For me, it’s definitely late night snacking. What positive behavior can you replace this unhealthy habit with? I can drink hot tea with honey instead. How can you ensure to follow-through? I will utilize a monthly habit tracker to keep track of no late night snack days. Having an accountability partner is another great way to make sure you follow-through.


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