Confidence Vs. Godfidence

In this world we can have confidence, relying on our own strength to see results. Or we can have Godfidence and rely on God’s strength to see results. Our relationship with God is the most important thing in life. #1 Priority!  God’s first commandment is to seek him with all of our heart, mind and soul. The wisdom we learn from God could never be taught by humans with mere confidence. When we can speak from a Godly point of view, he blesses us with wisdom.

We can take credit for things going right in our lives or we can praise God. We can think it is our power that made things happen, or we can Thank God. We can live our lives doing what we feel is right, or live according to God’s commands. We can live in this world with confidence or Godfidence. Not everyone can have Godfidence, because few are chosen. Faith the size of a mustard seed is all you need. Like a mother loves their child, God loves his own.

Godfidence is a state of awareness. We acknowledge that God is working in our lives at all times. We can remain in Him even when things seem to be falling a part because we know things will only get better.We can lift ourselves back up through His word and focus on what is important. Even through the struggle we have to Smile With Faith.

In return, we are given a new found wisdom. We receive humility and understanding. We  see things from a bigger perspective because God gives us a glimpse into eternal life. It takes a humble person to have Godfidence. A wise man knows he knows nothing. There is nothing more powerful than God. I believe in one God, and no religion. God judges our hearts and He is the only one that can change lives.

We believe in a realm where time is infinite. Life on earth is only a test, to see who walks the narrow and who walks to the wide path. If God is for us, than who can be against us? So, when we step out in this world we can have Godfidence. Just like Peter showed Godfidence when he stepped out on the water,  we can live our lives knowing that Jesus has already saved us.

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