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Church Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

The more that I grow my relationship with The Lord, the more I realize other relationships seem to be coming to an end. The other day, I got invited to a friend’s dinner party. I had a great time, meet wonderful people and ate delicious food. Everything seemed to be going good until a conversation took place that had me completely clueless. Everyone at the table shared inside jokes as I sat and listened as the only outsider. Apparently, the night before everyone went downtown. They club hopped, drank and danced all night. Eventually, I caught on and couldn’t help but feel left out. Why didn’t I get an invite to go downtown but got an invite to dinner?

As I sat and listened to their laughter, I felt myself getting emotional. Later that night, the thoughts of not being included flooded my mind. Of course I didn’t get invited, who would want to party with the SmileWithFaith girl? How can they feel comfortable drinking in front of a Jesus lover? The more thoughts I had, the more my confidence decreased. I felt like a reject. No one had a problem eating with me but no one wanted me at the party. I used to be the host at all events, the party planner and the ‘turn up’ queen! Every other weekend, I was living the night life, popping bottles and having a ball. Yet, the moment I came to know Jesus, my party life became nonexistent.

While in prayer, The Lord reminded me of the work He had been doing in my life. He has been shaping and molding me to fulfill my purpose in life. He has shown me that clubbing and drinking are not godly things. He changed my old habits and transformed my mind. Although, I didn’t get an invite to the club, chances are that if I did, I wouldn’t have gone. My desires for drinking and clubbing have changed (Check out My YouTube Video). Yes I love Jesus, but yes I still like to have a good time. Just because I go to church doesn’t mean I can’t turn up! Please don’t get me wrong, ‘turn up’ doesn’t have to mean drinking alcohol and doing drugs. Let me tell you a little secret in case you didn’t know, church girls can have fun too!

Believers, the more we grow in faith, the more we will experience change. This should be seen as a good thing. If you were to be the same person you were before you came to faith, what would be the point of having faith? When The Lord works in your life, things around you will change including people and the way they view you. People do not want to be seen drinking or partying in fear that they will be judged. They don’t feel comfortable being themselves around you because they are aware of your beliefs, values and morals. They do not want to be around a Believer because they don’t believe they would have anything in common with them. But, don’t let the opinions of others stop your faith from growing. If things in your life seem to be changing, trust the process and go with the flow. God will remove people from your life but He will also bring new people into it. Always be you, have fun and stand firm in your faith.

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