Happy Valentine’s Day Faith Fam!!

We give Glory to God, The one Who is Love. The one who created us to be loved and Love others.

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Today we celebrate Love and Light.

We are created with compassion in His sight.

Love is patient and it is kind, truly a wonderful feeling.

An everlasting and limitless love like a house with no ceiling.

Created in His image, we are called to Love others, God willing.

Comfort and peace that surpasses all evil, Love is never a villain.

Let today be filled with mercy and grace,

honoring God, who is Love, and keeping in mind Jesus face.

Thank you Lord, for your son and our sins He erased.

His sacrifice made us right and in Heaven we have a place.

Love is a shelter and place to escape,

It is in our genetic makeup, we can never outrun our fate.

Love is a rare beauty that comes in all sizes and shapes.

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