SmileWithFaith’s GIVEAWAY, 3 Winners, 3 Simples Steps, ENTER NOW

Dear Faith Fam, SmileWithFaith has launched it’s first ever Giveaway and you can be a winner! Follow the instructions in the image below to secure your entry in the contest. The prizes include SmileWithFaith merch and a featured book in the #ReadingWithFaith bookclub. The deadline is approaching fast so make sure to follow, subscribe andContinue reading “SmileWithFaith’s GIVEAWAY, 3 Winners, 3 Simples Steps, ENTER NOW”

An Attitude of Gratitude is Aptitude

By definition the word Aptitude means the ability to naturally do something. Does being grateful come natural? or do you have to remind yourself? Sometimes, it could be both. Buying your first car and finally being on the road. It was new and exciting and you couldn’t wait to show your friends. Yet, months later theContinue reading “An Attitude of Gratitude is Aptitude”

Stressed To Blessed: 30 Day Soul Challenge

Before the summer approaches, it is time to get life situated. Time to put the phone down and pick up that book you’ve been planning to read. Time to let go of the donut and grab some fruit. It is time to start making better decisions for your life and that is what this planContinue reading “Stressed To Blessed: 30 Day Soul Challenge”

I Choose To Be Happy

“Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart” -Psalm37:4 Happiness does not come from relationships, work or even a hobby or interest. Happiness does not come from money, fame or materialistic things. Happiness can not be bought, happiness can only be achieved. It is a choice. Focus on theContinue reading “I Choose To Be Happy”

1:25 #Birthday Challenge (Believer submitted)

My Birthday is January 25 1991 “I read this post on called The Birthday Challenge. The Challenge was to open The Bible and find scriptures that were the same numbers by the date I was born. This idea never crossed my mind and I was curious if there would be any correlation to myself.Continue reading “1:25 #Birthday Challenge (Believer submitted)”