pendulum Bad Company Ruins Good Morals

Bad Company Ruins Good Morals

There are some people in your life that might be bad for you. Not saying they are bad people, just that they are bad for you. They hinder instead of help. Hate instead of Love. They corrupt good morals. These people make us feel guilty, shameful or embarrassed. They gossip, tell lies and spread rumors. They secretly wish harm and deception covers their character. They walk in darkness and live in the shade. Bad company brings bad vibes and energy never lies.

The people around you have influenced the person you’ve become. Bad memories come from bad company and if you are not careful to disassociate from the crowd, you will become apart of the bad company. You are who you hang out with, so make sure to surround yourself with good company and positive vibes. 

Good morals are learned behaviors. As children, our parents discipline and create structure for us through chores, responsibility and love. They teach us morals and as we get older we apply their teachings to life. But, what if you were never were taught love or how to say ‘thank-you, please or excuse me’ by parents, could you still have good morals? How can you love someone, if you were never taught love? Whether good or bad company, you have the ability to chose which company to be apart of. Do you want to be with good company or bad company?

Good vs. Evil. God vs. Satan. Whose side are you on?

Bad company comes with bad intentions. They have selfish desires and feed off of negativity. They encourage thieves to steal and seek to destroy. They plot to kill and crave revenge. If you are not careful, you may be deceived by a wolf in sheep clothing. Be aware of false prophets. The world needs discernment, you need discernment. The only way to receive this spiritual gift is from Our Heavenly Father, who gives generously to those who ask. Pray for discernment. It will guard your life and protect your heart. Discernment reveals the real ones from the fake ones. Pray for discernment! This will help keep you surrounded by Good company.

Pray with me: 

Heavenly Father, I ask that you fill my heart with your desires and cleanse me from my unrighteous doing. Strengthen me from within and cover me with discernment.  Send the Holy Spirit to bring clarity and shower me with your Grace and Mercy. Give me eyes to see and ears to hear your Truth. Help me to know who is for you and who is against you so that I can make better decisions. I pray that and ask that you bless me with discernment and surround me with positive, God-fearing people. Please send healthy and loving relationships into my life and keep me in the presence of good company. Lord, I repent of my sins and thank-you for your son Jesus Christ!

-In Jesus name, Amen

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