Mornings Are Better When You Start Them With God

How far can a car go with an empty gas tank? not very far I imagine.  How can you get to your destination without directions? You can’t, you’ll be lost. It’s important to begin each day with God because it sets the tone for the day. Starting the day with a heart of gratitude andContinue reading “Mornings Are Better When You Start Them With God”

Are You Serving God Out of Love or Fear ?

Most religions are fear based. They set up their own rituals, laws and practices. Religion teaches people to form a relationship based on man’s work rather than based on God’s gift, Jesus. These man-made religions define specific behaviors, traits and attitudes one must abide by. If an individual does not meet these standards they are subjectContinue reading “Are You Serving God Out of Love or Fear ?”


Pressure is a heavy burden. It weighs on your conscious affecting self-esteem, thoughts and behaviors. It can make you feel worthless or unappreciated. It is a lingering feeling that will not seem to go away until you reach the breaking point of giving up. On the contrary, pressure can help build motivation to succeed. AfterContinue reading “IF YOU FAIL UNDER PRESSURE, YOUR STRENGTH IS TOO SMALL”

Shades of Blue: Lies, Deception and Murder!

Okay . . . So, maybe not murder but the title sure does paint the picture. For the past couple of days I have been binge watching the show ‘Shades of blue” an American drama series starring Jennifer Lopez. The show is about a ‘single mother who runs with a group of dirty cops, taking herContinue reading “Shades of Blue: Lies, Deception and Murder!”

SmileWithFaith’s GIVEAWAY, 3 Winners, 3 Simples Steps, ENTER NOW

Dear Faith Fam, SmileWithFaith has launched it’s first ever Giveaway and you can be a winner! Follow the instructions in the image below to secure your entry in the contest. The prizes include SmileWithFaith merch and a featured book in the #ReadingWithFaith bookclub. The deadline is approaching fast so make sure to follow, subscribe andContinue reading “SmileWithFaith’s GIVEAWAY, 3 Winners, 3 Simples Steps, ENTER NOW”

Do You Have A Rich or Poor Mindset?

What is the difference between a rich person and a poor person? It’s not the amount of money in their bank accounts or their ability to make money. It’s not their network or assets. It is not even their family inheritance or environment. The difference is their mindset. A rich person will look at somethingContinue reading “Do You Have A Rich or Poor Mindset?”