cage A Prayer To Grow Your Relationship With God

A Prayer To Grow Your Relationship With God

Dear Believers,

The only thing that matters in this lifetime is your relationship with God. When you are right with Him, you are right within. It is important that you take steps to increase your faith and grow your relationship with God. Prayer and reading His word is not enough. You have to apply His commands and instructions to your life. You have to turn from your evil ways and seek righteousness. You have to give up the things of this world to reap the fullest capacity of your blessings.

You must die to your old self and be reborn again in Christ. You can no longer continue doing things that disobey God but still believe you are growing in God. You must apply discipline to your life. It is not easy, but it is necessary. When you make sacrifices, God sees it. When you stop hanging out with people who bring trouble, God sees it. When you stop having sex before marriage, smoking, drinking, stealing or lyings, God sees it. When you make a conscious effort to live by The Word, God’s Word begins to change you from the inside out. I pray that your relationship with God grows and  your faith increases! #SmileWithFaith

Pray With Me 


I need you! My life is nothing without you. You are my strength, my rock, my provider, my protection, my counselor, my savior, my helper, my redeemer, you are my everything! My creator, who has given me a life with a purpose. You have called me to do great things in your name and I pray that you help me to fulfill my destiny in your will. I pray for my faith to increase so our relationship can reach new depths. Cleanse me of all unrighteousness and help me to walk in alignment with your plans for my life. Thank-You for your grace. Though I stumble and fall short of your glory, you have still forgiven me. Thank-You for your mercy. Though I sin and disobey you, my name is still written in heaven.

God Almighty, Lord of Lords and King of Kings, your conditional love lasts for eternity. Though I am not worthy of your love, your blessings still pour into my life. Though I am deserving of death, you have given me life through the blood of christ. You paid my debt and saved me from hopelessness. You are faithful and just in all that you do. Please fill me with your desires, so that I may do the things that add value to my life. I ask that you remove any evil desires from my heart and give me a renewed Spirit. I repent for my sins and Thank-You for Jesus who died to save me. I pray that I can be in your presence and that your voice be loud to guide me down the righteous path. Help me to hear your voice and live in the truth of your word all the days of my life.

In Jesus name, I pray. Amen <3

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