7 reasons to Fast

  1. Fasting gives glory to God
  2. Fasting takes you deeper into your relationship with God
  3. Fasting helps grow faith
  4. Fasting breeds disciple
  5. Fasting brings worldly awareness
  6. Fasting strengths the mind
  7. Fasting leads to success

It is no secret that fasting is a vital component to growing in faith. Fasting is mentioned several times throughout the bible which we can be read in Matthew, Joel, Isaiah, Psalm, Acts, Corinthians or Luke. The purpose of fasting is to deny the flesh so that the Spirit within has room to grow. In the old testament, people had to burn or kill animals as sacrifices to be freed from their sins. However, in today’s world, under the new covenant of Christ we no longer need to sacrifice to be freed from our sins. Instead, we can choose to fast from food, T.V, social media or anything that is a distraction in order to grow closer to God. The Lord knows our heart, and sees the sacrifices that we do in secrecy. By fasting we free ourselves from the control of sin, and allow the Spirit within to lead

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