6 Tips to Cope with Stress

1) Take a step back:

Think about why you are stressed. Is it something you are capably of controlling? Is it something that happened a while ago? Is it something that has not happened yet? Is there anything that could have been done differently? When we take a step back, it allows us time to analyze the situation. If we do not have control over what is stressing us, we must learn to let go. If we feel guilty or shameful, we must learn this is the enemy work. When we experience feelings of unworthiness, doubt or guilt it is Satan playing on our emotions. He wants to create division, friction and tension within our lives.Cast out all ungodly feelings to the lord.

2) Thank you Jesus! 

When we are living in the moment of our stress it is difficult to see the bigger picture. We may feel like no one knows how we feel or that no one can relate to us. Could you imagine how Jesus felt? The truth is there are many people that have felt similar stress levels as us. Christ was ridiculed, mocked and beaten. If anyone can relate to us, He can. He knows what it’s like to live in this world. Unlike anyone else that may relate to us, only Jesus knows how to overcome it. He didn’t dwell in negativity or allow the devil to tempt him. The questions is How was Jesus able to overcome such hardships? He has faith. Despite everything he went through, he knew God’s plan. Remember the plan God has for your life.

3) Perspective 

My mom always told me that there are three sides to every story. Person A, Person 2 and The truth. It is important that we are aware of all sides of the story. Sometimes, we get so caught up with our side that we neglect the feelings of others. Although there are many sides to 1 story, the only side that matters is God’s side. He is the one that knows our hearts and his truth is the truth. When we are feeling stress, think about how God may view this situation. What does God want us to learn? How can find the positive? Why is this happening to us? Everything happens for a reason, so the situation creating stress has purpose. We may not know what that purpose is, but God does.

4) Gratitude list

It could always be worse! There are people all around the world that are starving, dying, or in prison. Make a mental list of all the things you appreciate. I am grateful for my family, car, home, or socks! If the stress is heavy, start small! It is okay to be thankful for just waking up and seeing another day.When we allow our minds to focus on what we are grateful for, there is no room for stress.

5) Light one

The simple scent of aroma can help relieve stress. Let the fragrance lift you far away from life’s troubles. Create a calming environment with candles or in-scents of your favorite smells or run a bubble bath while playing soft music. If this doesn’t sound exciting than take a hike, ride a bike or go shopping. Do whatever it is to remove yourself from the stress and treat yourself. Self-care is vital for internal happiness.

6) #TeamGod

The enemy wants to see failure in our lives. We have to keep in mind, when someone does or says something that hurts us, the enemy laughs. Pride, Envy, Bitterness, all things not of God shall not prosper. Do not be hurt that your spouse left you, or you lost your job. Thank God for seeing another day, and enjoy the journey. There is no power or being that is higher than God and He is the one in control of our life and this world. There is nothing that can be done to us without God knowing. So, if God loves us and wants the best for us, why stress? His plans are greater than anything we could possibly imagine. If God is for us, than who can be against us?


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