Have you ever felt bad for doing something you knew was bad but in the moment was lead by temptation? For example, masturbation. The idea of watching a seductive video, setting the room and pleasuring self may feel good in the moment but later brings remorse. This cycle of pleasure seeking turned regret and shame is conviction.

The Lord is with you every single day, even when you don’t feel like it. He is always with you, around you and within you. His Spirit brings discernment, connection and understanding that transcends human knowledge. The Holy Spirit acts as comfort through the storms, a healer through trauma and disciplinary through conviction.

Today, keep in mind His Hand is over your life. The Bad times and Good. Regardless of what you regret or carry shame for, you are forgiven. By choosing to walk with feelings of guilt rather than forgiveness, these emotions push you out of God’s will for your life. Think of the circle of trust. Whenever you operate in this world with sin, lack of faith, fear, worry or guilt it pushes you out of the circle. However, when you choose to seek forgiveness, apply patience and keep the faith, you are living within the circle. Free will and the power we have within, allows us to make choices in life. Choose wisely. SmileWithFaith always. Live out your days in alignment and try your hardest to stay within God’s will as His Ways are far better than Yours. You think you know what you want in life but He knows what you need! Trust in Him always.

Published by SmileWithFaith

Welcome, this is a Faith based website that’s mission is to restore hope, learn life skills, promote positive thinking, share the good news of the gospel and read testimonies from around the world. This online ministry is the foundation to answering all your questions, concerns and worries about life, relationships, spirituality and any of life's problems. Through posts written in The Spirit, Videos and Weekly Plans SmileWithFaith hopes to grow relationships with God through Christ and provide the necessary tools to living a happy, healthy and gratifying life. God is the Author. I am his messenger. Thank-you for visiting, and my prayers are with you always. Even through the struggle, always SmileWithFaith because God has a plan for you.

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