The Pursuit of Truth by: @the_intense_emotion

The truth is one word – Satisfaction

It is often felt that when you face a lie or a situation where another person is lying. A situation of vagueness arises and that creates tension. And tension leads dissatisfaction, Dissatisfaction forces our mind to search satisfaction that heads to Pursuit of the Truth.

As our mind is meant to be in a state of contentment, we feel satisfied. But our ability to respond/react is not trained in a way where we can secure the neutral state of mind.

You must have experienced a situation where your lie does not bother you but if someone else is lying, it affects your whole system of belief.

Why does this happen?

When we speak to someone our hearing ability almost dies, but when we listen to others talking, our mind, ears, and thinking ability work analytically, sometimes we lose the attention due to some situational ups and downs. The analysis of our mind is strong enough that we can detect a lie, but sometimes we ignore just to maintain the decency.

Although the pursuit of truth never dies, along the road maybe sometimes within the subconscious mind we are warned regarding the situations where there is a loss.

Due to the busy state of mind and high functioning areas, it mistakenly ignores things. This later leads to high-cost losses, sometimes trust is lost with relationships. The greatest loss is of love that the human mind can never forget.

There is no rescue to this but the mind can be trained to react in a certain manner, with high-quality analysis and reflexes that can ensure the deal in your favor.

  • Practicing mindfulness
  • Being happy with what you own
  • Smiling and welcoming approach for any situation
  • Keeping a stable perspective
  • Stability of words
  • Listening more
  • Talking less
  • Taking advice from loved ones
  • Knowing self-worth
  • Concentration for your work

These are not just terms; these are keys to unlock the peace hidden in our minds. The worth can be known by just applying these resources that aren’t visible but are very impactful.

It is often told that busy human life cannot yield peace but those who say they have never known the power of practicing mindfulness. The end of your pursuit will be achievable when you would be ready to take up what it takes to be in the attire of peace and contentment. People live their whole life in the search of peace, not knowing that it recites in self. Even if one among a hundred keeps a positive attitude and holds peace it can be transferred to others. As research has shown results that happiness and positive attitude are transferrable just like diseases and viruses, not only among humans but among animals as well. That’s why it is advised to keep a happy pet or a dog.

It may be difficult to understand sometimes that presence of peace and happiness around us will yield anything, but to be true it makes the process of achievements a little strong. You can lead your work at a great pace and seek the results in front of your eyes. And that’s the power of a healthy mind.

Thanks & Regards,

Akanksha Content by Wordsmith.

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