Am I The Only One That Feels Like The Grinch?

The Holiday Season is among us! But, am I the only one who is not ready? I still don’t have my Christmas tree up. I haven’t gone Holiday shopping and don’t even get me started on the Christmas lights. Between work, school and responsibilities, I haven’t had much time to stop and smell the eggnog.

As I was driving to work, it dawned on me. When was the last time I prayed? like really prayed. Not just give thanks, ask for forgiveness or recite scripture. I am talking about soul touching, heartfelt, complete surrenderance prayer. I realized I was more caught up with the worldly traditions of Christmas that I failed to see things from a spiritual perspective. For the past week, I had been feeling like The Grinch who stole Christmas. Not wanting to be bothered by anyone or feeling frustrated every-time I come home to be reminded, I am the last one in my neighborhood to put up their Christmas lights.

This is one of the busiest and most expensive times of the year. Prayer has never been needed more! The less I pray, the more Grinch like I feel. In order to get through the hustle and bustel of Christmas time, my soul needs to stay refreshed.

The Grinch should have been in prayer lol. But, because of his childhood experiences of being bullied by kids or his upbringing in Whoville, The Grinch learned to hate Christmas. He was the only one in all of the village who did not want to celebrate the Holiday. He lived on top of a hill, deliberately isolating himself from the rest of the town. The Grinch had a heart filled with pain, anger and hatred. Sounds like Satan’s work huh? The Grinch couldn’t show love because he had no love. Well, I refuse to be The Grinch during this season! I know that in order for my Spirits to be lifted, it starts with prayer.

Prayer is what keeps you strong, mentally, physically, emotionally and of course spiritually. Prayer is direct communication with Your Creator. The Holiday season can lead to stress, depression and ultimately burnout. But, why live like the Grinch when you can be set free through prayer? God has the ability and capacity to release you from your burdens, worries, fears, insecurities or doubt. Prayer allows God to free you from worldly desires, fleshly decisions and reminds you the truth in God’s promises. I pray that you give your complete heart and mind to The Lord so that He may fill you with The Holy Spirit and cover you in His Joy!


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