Happy Halloween!

Is Halloween Satan’s Birthday? Are Believers allowed to celebrate this worldly tradition? How does this holiday affect your faith? Did Jesus celebrate Halloween?

I have received many questions regarding Halloween. Although I can’t tell you what is right or wrong, I can share my thoughts and feelings about today. As a Believer, I can understand the struggle with the concept of celebrating Halloween or not.

I don’t celebrate Halloween to glorify Satan, I participate because I love candy! This is the only day in the year that you can dress up as your favorite superhero, movie star or dream job. Last year, I was Ms. Pumpkin patch and the year before that I was Flo, the progressive lady. This day is filled with creativity, laughter and the best of all sweets!

I’m able to find a balance between how the world celebrates Halloween and how I celebrate Halloween. I would not want to dress up as a monster, murderer, villain or anything evil. I don’t throw eggs at people’s homes, tee pee houses or jump out of bushes to scare people. I don’t decorate my house with zombies, skeletons or spider webs. Overall, I would not do or use anything on Halloween that I believe contradicts the word of God. Zombies are walking dead people, so why would I want to honor the dead when my hope is in eternal life? Why would I want to see skeletons around the house knowing that the struggle is not just flesh and blood?

I do enjoy pumpkin craving and filling the house with warm cinnamon scents. I do like to cuddle up with a soft blanket, drink hot chocolate with marshmallows and watch scary movies (not to scary though, I’m kind of a punk lol). I do buy candy for the trick or treaters and enjoy seeing the kids have fun.

By learning the balance between your faith and this tradition, you are able to walk in truth. There is a find line between super religious people who condemn anyone that celebrates today and lukewarm Believers that go all out for Halloween. I pray that you find your balance and give glory to God in all that you do.

Stay safe and let your parents check all your candy before eating it! 

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