Morning Prayer #4: Happy Monday

Lord, thank you for this wonderful day! Help me to make it through this Monday by focusing on things that are good and holy. Give me the strength to start this week off on a good note and help me to overcome any obstacles Satan throws my way. I pray that this day bring glory to you and that you use me to be the light in this dark world.

I pray that you lift these burdens from my life and help me to rejoice in the struggle. For I know that you have a plan for my life and difficult times build character, grow faith and bring bigger blessings. I don’t know what this week will hold but I trust in you. I pray that this Monday bring joy and set the tone for this week. Lead me to the path of righteousness and bind me to your will, for I am nothing without you. Lord, you are my rock, healer, protection and strength. The impossible is made possible with you! 

I pray for ______ may you open their hearts and bring healing over their lives. I ask that you keep them protected and show them your truth. Work in their hearts and bring them closer to you. I know how much you love them and how much you love me! Your love runs deeper than anything I could ever imagine. Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you for Jesus Christ who brought salvation to the world!

Your grace is sufficient and your love is unfailing. Despite the changes I go through in life, you remain the same. Even when I give up on myself, you never give up on me. You are a mighty God and have made me a mighty warrior. I am not a victim, I am Victorious! Today, I praise your name and give honor to you. Help me to be Christ-Like and enjoy this wonderful day you have given me.

In Jesus name, I pray, Amen 

Published by SmileWithFaith

Welcome, this is a Faith based website that’s mission is to restore hope, learn life skills, promote positive thinking, share the good news of the gospel and read testimonies from around the world. This online ministry is the foundation to answering all your questions, concerns and worries about life, relationships, spirituality and any of life's problems. Through posts written in The Spirit, Videos and Weekly Plans SmileWithFaith hopes to grow relationships with God through Christ and provide the necessary tools to living a happy, healthy and gratifying life. God is the Author. I am his messenger. Thank-you for visiting, and my prayers are with you always. Even through the struggle, always SmileWithFaith because God has a plan for you.

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