Stressed To Blessed: 30 Day Soul Challenge

Before the summer approaches, it is time to get life situated. Time to put the phone down and pick up that book you’ve been planning to read. Time to let go of the donut and grab some fruit. It is time to start making better decisions for your life and that is what this plan is dedicated to do. After all, what are you waiting for? If you do not start making effort, who will?

I decided to take this 30 day challenge because I found myself feeling a bit disconnected from my faith. When I got back from vacation it was difficult adjusting to my normal routine. While I was enjoying time off from work and school, my eating habits and sleep patterns changed for the worse. I fell asleep when the sun rose and ate fast food daily. Needless to say, when I returned home . . . I was not myself.

In order to get back to my old self, I knew I needed to apply discipline in my life. Yesterday, I decided I would create a structure to help get me back on track. I got my planner and wrote a list of the things I wanted to change and start doing. Since, I will be taking this personal challenge to cleanse my body and feed my soul, I thought ‘why not share with my believers around the world!’ If you would like to join me on this challenge, let’s support one another. It is not going to be easy but it will definitely be worth it! We will feel amazing and summer time fine once this challenge is complete!

The list below does not have to be your challenge rather it should be used as a guide. This is what I created for myself and how I want to eat, exercise and grow in faith. You can add or subtract from the list, tweak it and make it your own. The goal is to stop giving in to the desires of the flesh (temptation) and start fulfilling the cravings of the soul. The purpose is to get in the word of God and away from the voices of the world. Let this month be dedicated to your spiritual growth and when July comes you will feel refreshed and brand-new ready for the summer!

Will You Join Me In This Month’s Stressed To Blessed Challenge???

My 30-Day Soul Challenge

  1. Eating: No soda, Dairy, fast-food or processed foods
    • Sweets/Deserts = 1x week
    • No Eating after 8pm
    • At least 1 fruit daily
    • Drink lots of water + Green Tea daily
  2. Exercise: 3-4 weekly
    • Cardio + Work-Outs
    • Each day = New Focus (arms, legs, core, etc…)
  3. Read More:
    • Finish current book
    • Complete new book before challenge ends
    • Read Scripture Daily
    • Begin to memorize verses: at least 10 by end of challenge
  4. Prayer: Morning + Night
    • Start Each Day with Thanksgiving and Declaration
    • End Each Night with Repentance and Gratitude
  5. Avoid Distractions: Social Media + Television
    • No more than 30 minutes a day on social media
    • Do not turn t.v on until after 6pm (when all work is finished)
    • No SnapChat/Twitter (narrow down media outlets for better focus)
  6. Speaking: Transform negative talk into positive affirmation
    • No Complaining
    • No negative speaking
    • No Assumptions
    • No Cussing
    • Write down one thing you love about yourself daily
  7. SmileWithFaith: Consistency
    • Upload 3 videos weekly to YouTube Channel
    • 3-4 Blog Posts Weekly
    • Instagram Posts regularly
    • Check E-mail regularly
    • Connect with Believers

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