Show Thanks this Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving Day approaches, we prepare our belly’s for delicious food and look forward to spending time with friends and family. There are many different cultures, values and traditions surrounding this Holiday but one thing that is similar amongst us all, is the reason for celebrating this day. Thanksgiving is about giving thanks! This Holiday is a day of expressing gratitude and being reminded of the many blessings within our lives. Although, most families will be together enjoying their meals, there are families that will not have the same opportunity. The natural disasters, mass shootings and other horrific acts that have occurred during this year, have left many families empty. There are families that may not be able to afford dinner or may not have a roof over there head. These trying times can be difficult for many families, but with the help of other individuals, we shall prevail! world

On this day, I encourage others to not only express gratitude but to show it, by lifting one another up and lending support to those in need. The first step is to be aware of other’s situations and not assume that everyone will have a ‘Happy Thanksgiving.’ The second step is to participate in acts of kindness. Volunteering at a soup kitchen or donating canned goods to local food pantries, are great ways to help others. Despite the vast differences amongst society, we are all connected and children of the Most High. Let’s do our part in spreading love, warmth and generosity.

Random acts of kindness is not about the price tags or expensive things. It is about the gesture and doing things from the heart. If you don’t have any money, no problem! Write out a Thank-you letter to someone that has helped you in the past or donate clothes/shoes/toys. If you do have a few bucks to give than buy a homeless person a meal or help shelters gather supplies for the Holidays. Whatever your budget may be, there is always something to be done. Let’s do our part this Holiday by not only giving Thanks but showing Thanks as we give to others.

Here are a few links that give helpful ideas and tips to show random acts of kindness: 

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