Are these ‘scary clown sightings’ for real?

If you can decide to get a clown mask, put it on and act a fool for attention, you have too much time on your hands. People are lost. People are confused. People are trapped in their own mind. I pray that Jesus enters into their hearts and God uses these words to minister to those reading this.

In my humble opinion, this is a joke. Something to gain media coverage. It is a distraction. This what the world has come too. Scary clowns, Donald Trump and global warming. In the midst of it all; Let’s learn the truth by reading The Word.

The Difference between wisdom and foolishness

  • Thieves are jealous of each other’s loot, but the godly are well rooted and bear their own fruit.
  • The wicked are trapped by their own words, but the godly escape such trouble.
  • Wise words bring many benefits, and hard work brings rewards.
  • Fools think their own way is right, but the wise listen to others.
  • A fool is quick-tempered, but a wise person stays calm when insulted.
  • An honest witness tells the truth; a false witness tells lies.

-Proverbs 12:12-17

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