Day 13: Do all religions lead to God

QuestionDo all religions lead to God?

“Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” – John 14:6

Before I found christianity, I explored many other religions and faiths. I attended buddhist temples, spoke with monks and had studies with muslims. As an atheist turned believer, I didn’t know where to find God or how to start. While on my way home, I drove by a hindu temple and decided to check it out (hear more of this experience in Talk Video: my experience at a Hindu temple). I was welcomed with open arms, and was greeted by friendly monks. But even then, it just didn’t feel right. So, I continued to explore and found myself at a buddhist mediation center. As people sat in silence, I couldn’t help but think ‘what a waste of time’ and the same feeling of this doesn’t feel right filled my mind. I didn’t feel a connection. I felt like I didn’t belong. The thought of praying to a statue of a chubby bald guy or blue lady with 4 arms, just didn’t appeal to me.

One day, my roommate asked me how my day was going and what I had been up too. Her and I never spoke about religion, spirituality or God before, which is why she was shocked to hear of the many places I had been, seeking and trying to learn this ‘God’ others seemed to believe in. After our conversation, she left me with insightful advice, pray. I never thought of praying before, and honestly didn’t even know how too. She gave me some helpful tips on how to pray, and the #1 tip was be honest. That night, I poured my heart out.

The next day, while checking out a customer, she randomly handed me a card. The card was an invitation to a christian church. Along with this card she said “I feel that God wants me to give this to you, and I hope you can make it.” This customer was a lady named Paula, who later became my Spiritual mentor and lead me in many discipleships, bible studies and women’s meetings with other believers.  The moment she handed me the card, and said those words, my heart began racing. I explained to her that, I don’t know God but I had just prayed the night before for him to lead me to him. It’s amazing how God not only hears our prayers, but answers them!

Christianity was different amongst the other religions I explored and Jesus was the reason. There is no other religion that sees Christ, as the only way to get to The Father, our Heavenly Father. Muslims believe christ existed, but only as a prophet like the others. Reading how Jesus was born through a virgin and of the Holy Spirit, it was hard for me to believe he was just an ordinary guy like the rest. Other religions don’t even mention Jesus. I believe God lead me to christianity, because that was where I would find Jesus, and since Jesus is the only way to God, it would be the only way to him.

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