Day 3

Pointless Pressure

If we are living to please others, we will never be pleased. We will forever have an empty space for validation within our hearts because it could never be filled by mere humans. This self-defeating thought is useless because it lives in a false reality. The idea of ‘needing others’ to compete self is living a lie. The truth is, we feel complete when we know our purpose. If we live with purpose, we won’t need the opinion of others to confirm who we are.

We must walk by faith, not by sight. The Lord doesn’t want us to live with pressure, hence why it is useless. The pressure from people around us creates a stressful world and puts our thoughts in a cage. These pressures are Satan’s tactics he uses stress from work, school or home to put us right where he wants. When we allow self-defeating thoughts to control our actions, we are his pawns in chess. When Satan sees that we are feeling overwhelmed or under acknowledged; He whispers self-defeating thoughts to decrease our self-esteem. If we allow any negative pressure to enter our mind, we risk getting off at the wrong exit on God’s highway.

Counter Thought: You have power and self-control. Focus your mind on the only opinion that matters, God’s opinions. Don’t waste any time doing something that makes you unhappy or unhealthy, that is not what God wants for your life. He wants you to trust Him and rest assure that He is working for the greater good in your life on a daily basis. A day for you is one thousand to HIM so, patience is necessary. Through Christ, sin has no control over your life this is why we Thank God for sending Jesus. This sacrifice is important because it opened the gates of heaven for us to enter for eternity, and given us salvation so that we may be saved on earth.

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