Day Four

Offensive Play

During a sports game the team can not score a point until they get the ball. Once a team has the ball, they now become the offensive players. Life is an offensive play and you should want to win the game! Today, allow your self to think Offensively, get the ball and score a goal!

The challenge today is to think about 3 things that your heart desires. Allow your imagination to take you to a realm you have never been. There is no limit to what you can have! So think BIG!

Now that you have 3 things you desire, search it on the internet (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc…) Read articles, search definitions or just browse through the images. By doing this activity, you are allowing* your heart to open. You are lifting your heart from defense and bringing it to the offense side. There is nothing that is to difficult for God to achieve, so be joyful as your search because with Faith, your dreams can come true! Feel free to expand past just 3 things, if you desire more than search it all. There is no dream to big for God to accomplish.

Published by SmileWithFaith

Welcome, this is a Faith based website that’s mission is to restore hope, learn life skills, promote positive thinking, share the good news of the gospel and read testimonies from around the world. This online ministry is the foundation to answering all your questions, concerns and worries about life, relationships, spirituality and any of life's problems. Through posts written in The Spirit, Videos and Weekly Plans SmileWithFaith hopes to grow relationships with God through Christ and provide the necessary tools to living a happy, healthy and gratifying life. God is the Author. I am his messenger. Thank-you for visiting, and my prayers are with you always. Even through the struggle, always SmileWithFaith because God has a plan for you.

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