dre 13 years

13 years

My friend has currently been incarcerated for over 10 years and is serving a 13 year sentence. He was arrested while we were in high school, and has spent his entire youth behind bars. It is always refreshing when we speak because I am surprised at how much I learn from him. How can a person that is truly living in hell on earth, be so optimistic?

Despite his loss of freedom and current situation he is always able to motivate and uplift me by reminding my of God’s word and purpose.The other day I received a call from him and we spoke until time ran out. During our conversation, he said “My prison sentence was a blessing from The Most High, and if he would have given me a shorter time I would not have been ready. Even though I am in here, I know it is for a reason. I just take it one day at a time.”

His words remained in my mind days later. How could I be depressed? stressed? miserable? When a person living in a cell can remain in the Spirit. Our conversation gave me new insight into my ways and thoughts. I would always thank God when things were going well, but became unappreciative when things were going bad. Speaking with my friend reminded me to thank God in all situations, both good and bad. No matter what we go through in life, God has a purpose and a plan for us. By focusing on things going wrong, we lose sight of the vision God has for us. We may not know why we are going through hardships, but God does. 

Prayer: Lord, Thank you for today! Thank-you for creating a purpose and plan for my life that is meant to glorify your kingdom. Thank-you for the good moments and the bad moments, both carry lessons. Please help me to understand the difficult times so that I am better prepared for my future blessings. I know that you will not give me anything I can not bare, so please stay with me when I feel like giving up. You are my strength and my light. I trust in Your ways and your plans for my future. Thank-You for Jesus who was a living sacrifice for my sins, so that I may have a relationship with my Holy Father and have the power of the Holy Spirit. Thank-you for saving me from the evil in this world, and working in my life for the greater good. Your ways are perfect and Your love for me is beyond this world. Thank-you for creating me with purpose. Amen.

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